ThankAUPSer: Honoring Everyday Heroes


In a world that constantly demands efficiency and reliability, there are unsung heroes working tirelessly behind the scenes to make our lives easier. UPSers, the dedicated employees of United Parcel Service, are among those everyday heroes. They deliver more than just packages; they bring reliability, dedication, and a commitment to their communities, customers, and peers, every single day.

ThankAUPSer is an initiative that shines a spotlight on these remarkable individuals, giving us all an opportunity to express our gratitude for their outstanding efforts. It’s a platform where stories of exceptional service, selflessness, and kindness come to light.

Each day, UPSers embark on their routes, handling packages of all shapes and sizes. They navigate challenging weather conditions, traffic jams, and time constraints, all while maintaining a focus on delivering what matters. But it’s not just about packages; it’s about people. UPSers understand that behind every parcel is a story, a need, and a connection.

If you’ve witnessed a UPS employee going above and beyond the call of duty, this is your chance to make their hard work and dedication known. Simply fill out the quick form provided or share your story on social media. Your words of appreciation can go a long way in recognizing their exceptional contributions.

One remarkable aspect of this initiative is that you don’t need to know the UPSer’s name to show your appreciation. The form encourages you to provide as much detail as possible about the employee you’re recognizing, making it easier for UPS to identify and celebrate their extraordinary efforts.

Moreover, when you visit the platform, you’ll find a treasure trove of heartwarming stories shared by others. It’s a testament to the impact UPSers have on people’s lives, whether it’s a timely delivery that saved the day, a friendly smile during a stressful moment, or an act of kindness that went beyond expectations.

The campaign not only celebrates the hardworking UPSers but also highlights the deep sense of community that UPS fosters. It’s a reminder that a simple act of recognition can strengthen the bonds between employees, customers, and the neighborhoods they serve.

So, the next time you see a UPSer delivering what matters in your community, take a moment to say “Thank You.” Your appreciation can be a source of motivation, reminding these dedicated individuals that their efforts are noticed and valued.

In the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, it’s easy to overlook the everyday heroes who make a significant difference. Let’s change that by joining the UPSers movement and celebrating the individuals who ensure that what matters most gets where it needs to be, every single day. Together, we can make sure these unsung heroes receive the recognition they truly deserve.

If you happen to witness a remarkable act by a UPS employee, please don’t hesitate to share it with us. You can either complete the brief form provided below or engage with us on social media by tagging us. Take a moment to explore the heartfelt stories others have shared about their cherished UPSers right here.

Unveiling the Extraordinary: UPSers and ThankAUPSer

This movement is more than just a campaign; it’s a global movement that expresses gratitude and admiration for UPS employees. It shows how their work goes beyond just delivering packages. Instead, it’s a call to action for everyone to join in and celebrate these unsung heroes.

This movement tells the story of everyday heroes who are often overlooked. UPS employees are dedicated, resilient, and always striving to be the best. Their work doesn’t just deliver packages; it helps shape our lives and communities. Every package they deliver, every smile they share, and every act of kindness makes a positive impact, moving the world forward one step at a time.

So, This movement isn’t just about appreciating for delivering packages; it’s about recognizing the profound impact these everyday heroes have on the world. It’s an invitation for everyone to join in and honor and celebrate the people who, through their commitment and kindness, keep the world moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What is ThankAUPSer?
    • It’s is an initiative by UPS (United Parcel Service) designed to celebrate and recognize the outstanding efforts and contributions of UPS employees, also known as UPSers, who go above and beyond in their service to their communities, customers, and peers.
  2. How can I participate in ThankAUPSer?
    • You can participate in just by sharing your stories of UPS employees‘ exceptional service and dedication. Fill out the online form provided on the UPS website or share your story on social media using the hashtag #ThankAUPSer.
  3. Do I need to know the UPSer’s name to share a story?
    • No, you don’t need to know the UPSer’s name. The online form allows you to provide as much detail as possible about the employee you’re recognizing, making it easier for UPS to identify and celebrate their extraordinary efforts.
  4. Why should I participate in?
    • Participating in is an opportunity to express your gratitude and appreciation for UPSers who make a difference in your community and in the lives of others. It’s a way to celebrate their hard work, kindness, and dedication.
  5. Can I share stories about any UPS employee?
    • Yes, you can share stories about any UPS employee who has gone above and beyond in their service. Whether it’s a driver, a customer service representative, or someone else within the UPS team, all exceptional efforts are worth celebrating.
  6. Where can I read stories shared by others about their favorite UPSers?
    • You can find stories shared by others on the platform. Visit the Official website to read inspiring stories and experiences that highlight the impact UPSers have on people’s lives.
  7. Is it limited to a specific region or country?
    • No, This is a global initiative, and UPS employees from all around the world can be recognized and celebrated through this program. UPS operates in many countries, and stories from various regions are encouraged.
  8. Can I participate in, if I’m not a UPS customer?
    • Absolutely! This is open to anyone who has witnessed the exceptional efforts of UPS employees. You don’t need to be a UPS customer to participate and share your appreciation.
  9. What happens after I share a story?
    • UPS may use the stories shared for various purposes, including recognizing and celebrating the UPSers involved. Your story may be featured on the platform or in UPS communications to highlight the dedication of UPS employees.
  10. Is there a deadline for sharing stories?
    • There is typically no specific deadline for sharing stories. The initiative is ongoing, and you can share your stories of appreciation at any time. However, it’s always a good time to express your gratitude and celebrate the outstanding work of UPSers.


This initiative by UPS is all about showing appreciation and recognizing the efforts of its delivery personnel. It’s a way for UPS to boost morale among its workforce and inspire others to acknowledge the everyday heroes who make our lives more convenient.

In the age of online shopping and home delivery, it’s essential to remember and appreciate the people behind the scenes who ensure packages reach us smoothly. UPS drivers are the unsung heroes in this process. Taking a moment to Appreciate a UPS driver is not just a nice thing to do; it’s recognizing the hard work that often goes unnoticed.

As we embrace this movement, it’s a call for everyone to join in acknowledging those who contribute to the seamless functioning of the delivery system. UPS is more than just a parcel delivery service; it represents a network of individuals dedicated to making a positive impact on our daily lives. So, take a moment to express your gratitude, join the movement, and be part of celebrating the unsung heroes who keep our deliveries on track.

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