Track With UPS

Track with UPS

Stay Connected with Your Shipments

If you’re eagerly awaiting your package or need to track shipments for your clients, you’ve come to the right place. We understand the importance of staying informed, so let’s explore the tracking options UPS provides Track with UPS and the various customer support channels available.

Locate the Nearest UPS Branch When you’ve entrusted your shipment to UPS, knowing the closest branch to your home or company and familiarizing yourself with their service hours is helpful. This way, you can easily access any necessary support or assistance.

Multiple Tracking Tools To ensure you have all the information you need about your shipments, UPS has developed various tracking tools. When creating a load, let’s look at them:

Track With UPS by Reference Number.

You can assign a reference number such as a purchase order or customer number (up to 35 characters). This reference number lets you track your shipments with UPS without entering the tracking numbers individually, providing convenience and efficiency.

Track With UPS Mobile:

Track with UPS and Stay Updated Stay connected with your package deliveries or status changes by receiving text message alerts via UPS Mobile on any device capable of receiving text messages. Download the UPS Mobile app on your smartphone or tablet to access additional features such as creating shipments, scheduling pickups, and finding the nearest UPS location. With UPS Mobile, you can manage your shipments anytime, anywhere.

Track With UPS Mobile™ Android Application:

The UPS Mobile app offers convenient access to vital shipping information for Android users. Track with UPS your packages by entering or scanning your guide or InfoNotice number, and save up to 75 guide numbers for future reference. You can download the app directly to your Android device for quick and easy tracking.

Track With UPS Mobile IOS App

IOS Users can enjoy the benefits of the UPS Mobile app as well. This app lets you track packages and cargo shipments by entering or scanning your guide or InfoNotice number. Additionally, you can add nicknames to submissions for easier reference and save up to 5 guide numbers in your tracking list. Download the app from the iOS App Store to effortlessly manage your shipments on the go.

UPS Employee Advantage: 

Enterprise Portal Tracking UPS employees can access all these tracking features through their dedicated enterprise portal, providing them with seamless tracking capabilities and efficient management of shipments.


The UPS Enterprise Portal is a comprehensive UPS employee portal with many features. This portal allows employees to access information, track with UPS shipments, locate branches, and more. It is a valuable resource for UPS employees to streamline their tracking and shipping processes.

Features of UPS Application

The UPS application provides various useful features, including:

  • Find a Location:
    Utilize GPS functionality to locate the nearest UPS branch. Toggle between the list and map views, and apply filters to narrow your search.
  • Send a Package:
    Quickly create shipments using your shipping and payment preferences from Use your UPS directory to enter information efficiently. You can ship as a guest even if you don’t have a UPS ID.
  • Get Quotation:
    Receive a rate and transit time quote. Easily convert your selection into a shipment to minimize data entry on the shipping screens.

Tracking UPS Number Formats

UPS employs different formats for tracking numbers, including:

  • 1Z1111111111111111
  • 111111111111
  • T1111111111
  • 111111111

In addition to standard tracking numbers, UPS tracks different directory numbers, each containing 7 to 20 characters. Here are some examples:

  • Delivery Order / Sub-PRO Number: pertains to freight shipping guide numbers for less-than-full-truck (LTL) and full-truck (TL) shipments. It ensures efficient tracking of your shipments regardless of their size.
  • Internal Air Waybill: Explicitly designed for air cargo movements, this number allows you to monitor your air shipments’ progress easily.
  • Internal Shipping: For ocean freight shipments, the internal shipping number enables you to keep tabs on your cargo as it traverses the vast oceans.
  • PRO Number: If your shipment travels by ground, the PRO number comes into play. This number helps you track your ground cargo efficiently throughout its journey.
  • UPS Info Notice: When UPS needs to provide you with important updates or notifications, they use a barcode notification known as UPS Info Notice. This notice includes a 12-digit reference number and is delivered in certain countries during the first delivery attempt.
  • UPS Service Notice: In select countries, UPS delivers service notices on the first delivery attempt. These notices contain vital information about your shipments and ensure you stay informed.

Contact UPS for Reliable Support.

If you have any questions or require assistance regarding your shipments, UPS is here to help. You can reach out to them through the following contact numbers:

  • Telephone: 01-800-7433-877
  • Technical Support: 1800-714-6535

The UPS customer service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can use the provided reference numbers to address your concerns if you prefer to communicate via email.

Note the Nearest UPS Branch and Service Hours To enhance your shipping experience, it’s advisable to identify the UPS branch closest to your home or company. Please familiarize yourself with their service hours to ensure timely access to your needed support and services. Remember, UPS is committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Utilize the UPS Form Section for Queries and Feedback. Suppose you have any specific questions or comments. In that case, UPS offers a convenient form section where you can submit your queries or provide valuable feedback. They value your input and strive to improve their services based on customer feedback.

Stay Connected with UPS for a Smooth Tracking Experience Stay connected with UPS and enjoy a seamless tracking experience for all your shipments. Whether through their various tracking tools, dedicated customer support, or online forms, UPS is committed to keeping you informed and ensuring your packages reach their destination smoothly.

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